Monday, January 12, 2009

Hey Skinny! Bodybuilding THEN and NOW

If you are like most fitness junkies, you are striving for a perfectly muscled and toned body. I am always amazed at the results one can achieve from working out and eating healthy. Even more amazing are those that take it to the highest level of muscle! I thought we could take a quick look at bodybuilding THEN and NOW!

THEN: One of the greats was Charles Atlas, not only did he have a great body, having achieved the title of "Most Perfectly Developed Man" at a contest in Madison Square Garden in 1922, but he had such a great sales ad! He believed in pitting one set of muscles against another. He didn't approve of gadgets. He believed you were less likely to hurt yourself or "overdo it" when only your own strength was involved. And a man after my own heart, he always ate his bread crusts! (Come on, anything having to do with bread is YUMMY!)

NOW: Of course our all time favorite bodybuilder is Ronnie Coleman. His training encompasses a combination of simple compound movements with mostly heavy free weights and some powerlifting; he also uses machines. Of course his diet includes Eggology Egg Whites which give him a great protein boost! If you want to improve your work-outs, I highly recommend attending one of Ronnie's work out weekends! What more could you ask for than to work out with 8 Time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman.

As for me, I definitely DON'T look like either of these guys...but I'm happy with my healthy self! Happy work outs-hope everyone is sticking to those New Years Resolutions!

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