Monday, August 17, 2009

Machine Weights vs. Free Weights for Building Muscle Mass

Building muscle involves a lot of science: a variant workout routine (change it up every two weeks for maximum results), a healthy and high-protein diet (found in Eggology egg whites), and a positive attitude! When it comes to the actual method of gaining muscle, the debate between machine weights versus free weights can be tricky. So what is the big difference?

Machine weights:
These are usually safer than free weights as the machine can act as a "spotter"--so if you can't handle the weight, you don't need extra help to safely put the weights down--the machine does this part for you.

A bodybuilder has the freedom to work out alone using machine weights--the setup process is simple and does not need to involve a lot of teamwork.

Machine weights are great for higher repetitions with lighter weights--this is really effective for toning muscles and maintaining muscle mass.

However: machine weights have a limit on how heavy you can lift--so if you're a heavy bodybuilder, this could be very limiting once you have reached the highest level. (Most machines have a top limit at 200lbs.)

Free Weights:
There is more freedom for the bodybuilder to do various exercises with the same weights to work out different parts of the body--the same dumbbells can be used to train triceps as well as biceps!

The results are fast and noticeable with free weights--when you use heavier weights (and less repetition), you will gain muscle faster.

There is no limit as to how heavy a bodybuilder can go with free weights--up to 500lbs if you're willing!

However: free weights can be quite dangerous--oftentimes you will need someone to spot you to prevent serious injury.

For a successful bodybuilder who likes to spice things up, a combination of machine weights and free weights can make up a fun and effective muscle-training regime. Whatever your weight-training capacity and level, always remember that safe bodybuilding practices are more important than pushing yourself beyond your capacity to get faster results.

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