Monday, August 10, 2009

Eggology Egg Whites Make Great Alternatives to Steroids For Muscle Gain

If using drugs to quicken muscle gain is not your cup of tea, Eggology egg whites may just be the solution for you. The latest testimonial that egg whites can truly help bodybuilders attain their weightlifting goal comes from Chris Faildo, the "Hawaiian Hurricane", who chooses to eat only natural ingredients such as egg whites to gain muscle instead of steroids.

Faildo is the captain of a six-member United States team that competed in the World Amateur Championships in Jeju, South Korea. He became the captain of the team by winning the division title at the U.S. qualifier in New York City in 2007. Although Faildo’s decision to not use steroids may have delayed his weightlifting stardom by twenty-six years, Chris deems this delay worth the while because it shows that successful bodybuilders do not have to rely on injecting hormones to win.

Eggology egg whites are great alternatives for bodybuilders who want to keep their bodies free from hormones and steroids. The low-carb, low-fat, and high-protein composition of Eggology egg whites helps generate muscle growth while keeping the body lean.

So if you think you're the only one that does not use drugs to be muscular, you are not alone. Look at what Hawaiian Hurricane was able to achieve on egg whites! That's a healthy inspiration for all the rest of us.

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