Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be an Egghead--Add Eggology Egg Whites to Your Protein Arsenal

Bodybuilders have been exposed to all types of protein from different sources--whey, egg-white protein, casein protein...how does a bodybuilder choose which type of protein to consume as a part of their daily diet?

Early in the 90s, studies revealed that whey gets digested quickly and thereby is a very effective ingredient to boost protein synthesis. Ever since then, people have opted for the less expensive whey protein than the more pricey egg white protein for muscle gain.

Later on, more studies revealed that slow-digesting proteins like casein actually minimized muscle protein breakdown and helped bodybuilders gain muscle.

Additionally, egg white protein digests fairly quickly. This allows egg whites to not only help boost protein synthesis, but also prevents muscle protein breakdown. Egg white protein is practically free of carbohydrates and fat--making it the perfect ingredient for those who are trimming down on fat.

Bodybuilders today are appreciating the value of egg white protein as more and more start to incorporate egg whites into their daily diets. Egg whites make wonderful protein shakes and smoothies--an easy and quick way to get your protein fix for the day!

So the next time you find yourself tempted to reach for the whey protein, take a look at the benefits of egg-white protein and try Eggology Egg Whites instead. Share your success stories with us (in the comment box) and we'll egg you on!

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