Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In A Bicep Rut? Try These Two Moves From Bodybuilder Michael Ferencsik

Finding the right bicep moves can be a challenge, especially when we are in a workout rut- how many preacher curls can one do over and over again? Smart bodybuilders know they must maintain a healthy diet rich with essential amino acids like the ones found in Eggology egg whites and add a new range of motion to challenge their muscles to break free from a workout rut. Essential amino acids are proteins that are necessary for good health yet are not naturally produced by the body and are therefore only accessible through diet.

I came across some excellent work out videos from Pro Fitness Trainer and INBA Forever Natural Universe Champion Michael Ferencsik on his site, Ripped Natural Body Building. Michael shares his training expertise in a series of videos designed to help bodybuilders of all levels achieve their goals. This video demonstrates 2 contrasting moves that will challenge and define your biceps and help you break free from “bicep blues”. Try these moves and tell us what you think on Twitter or in our Facebook!

Photo Credit: fitsugar.com

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