Monday, December 8, 2008

Egg White Puns: Eggscruciating or Eggsilarating?

Being a Scrabble fan, I love words, and playing with them too! And being an Eggology egg white fan has upped my fascination with puns. It seems like anything beginning with "e-", easily becomes a target. For eggxample (see I just did it there), I often say that Eggology egg whites are eggcellent and eggciting! Every time I come up with a new word beginning with "egg-", I feel eggsilerated, and that's no yolk! Okay, okay, I'll stop!

The point of this article is that I recently discovered that I am not the only one who does this (audible sigh, of relief)! I recently came across a discussion thread about Eggology egg whites on - a site for "Unapologetic Muscle-Building Elitists" - and the puns never stopped! So many quick-witted people, must be because of their big muscles - their brain muslces - from eating Eggology egg whites - the leanest source of pure protein! Ready for a big pun eggsperience?

Then read on:

Eggserpt from T-Nation discussion thread title "Eggology Anyone?"

User Cron391: Anyone ever tried this stuff?

User Krusier: Sounds EGGciting!

User romperschompers: This product is all it's cracked up to be!

User Badunk: Stop it with the lame yolks, guys.

User Vegg: I'm eggstatic that you posted this.

User Dirty Gerdy: Ronnie Coleman used it...its in one of the youtube videos. AH THATS HIS SECRET! I'll take 10!

User MeinHerzBrennt: If you click on products you can see a pic of him

User Kruiser: Can we get back to the EGGSquisite puns please. Don't cluck up this thread being serious!

User yorik: Will you please quit egging people on?

User romperschompers: These puns are eggscruciatingly funny!

User Cog: Cracking the one-liners makes the days go over-easy you yolksters.

User redgladiator: eggcellent

That's it! Are you eggcited this blog piece is over (easy)! Okay, I'm really stopping now!

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