Friday, December 26, 2008

Diet Tips for New Years: Slim Down in Six Days

Ready to squeeze into that little black dress for your New Years Eve party? You have six days to do it - and it is possible!

I happened to catch a segment on NBC's Today Show this morning and with tips from Joy Bauer, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, it is possible to slim down and get yourself ready for a healthy 2009.

Joy Bauer provided some simple tips (see the video segment here) such as:
  1. Eat breakfast: this revs your metabolism and regulates what you are going to eat for the rest of the day. Her recommendation was an egg white omelet with veggies and half grapefruit - no more than 250 calories. Eggology egg whites are an excellent source of lean protein, no cholesterol, no fat!

  2. "Ditch the liquid losers": give up soda, fruit juice and sweetened coffee.

  3. "Skimp on starch": measure your cereal bowl (only one cup), eat an open-faced sandwich (cutting out one piece of bread can be significant), cut out other starchy foods such as bagels and pasta.

  4. "Cook yourself thin": make your own meals at home; people who regularly eat out consume 32% more calories; control your portions and save money. Find lots of healthy recipes using egg whites on Eggology's recipe page.

  5. Cut out treats: stop adding extra sugars into anything; the false taste of sweetener in your mouth makes it harder to combat sweet cravings.

  6. Snack smarter: one snack a day, between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner; 150 calories or less; and remember not just to eat carbohydrates, but add in lean protein too.

  7. Walk it out: 60 minutes a day for 6 days you can burn up to 3,600 calories.

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sbfitgirl said...

I sent this to all my girlfriends - love the advice! thanks for all the tips