Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wouldn't You Love to Know all about Eggology Egg Whites?

Recently the founder of Eggology sat down with - a free information website with articles on all subjects that you'd love to know - to eggsplain why Eggology egg whites are so eggstraordinary.

Eggcerpts from the interview:

LoveToKnow (LTK): Well, there are other egg white products on the market. What makes yours different?

Brad Halpern (BH): There are several differences. First of all, our product is in a clear bottle. You can see that there is nothing added and the egg whites are pure and unfiltered. You can see the foam and the chalazae, a natural part of the white, floating around.

The whites are fresh. Other companies that create this type of product are often egg separation companies that primarily sell yolks to ice cream manufacturers and other food manufacturers. The whites are frozen until they can be marketed. We never freeze our product. We make each bottle to order. The product is good for the same amount of time opened or unopened, there are no preservatives added.

When you are cooking with organic egg whites you want the same results every time. The product you buy should be the same as if you had separated an egg at home. You can whip these egg whites into a meringue with no problems. You can't do that with the other brands unless they have added tri-ethylcyclate to help them whip.

LTK: Where do you get the eggs?

BH: The eggs come from local farms and ranches here in Southern California. Not only are they certified organic and certified humane, but we have our own certification program that they have to pass. We want to know that they are using good manufacturing processes.

LTK: Do you produce other items?

BH: Yes. We have an entire line of products that use organic egg whites. Often when you buy natural, organic products, they taste bland. When you buy the things that are bad for you they taste great. We are trying to marry the two; an all-natural, healthy product with a decadent taste.

We make an ice cream that has less fat and more protein than other ice creams. It is made with egg whites and the taste is absolutely decadent! It is completely organic and the milk has no bovine growth hormones. Cool Cravings is available in five flavors.

Other items we produce are:

  • Eggology-on-the-Go, a microwaveable, scrambled egg white breakfast. Just microwave until the op pops up and enjoy four, perfectly cooked scrambled egg whites.
  • Simply Sensational desserts and muffins are delicious, all natural baked goods

Read the entire interview here.

---------------------------- features recipes that use egg whites. Do you have an egg white recipe that you'd like to share?

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