Sunday, July 20, 2008

Even Eva Mendes Eats Eggology Egg Whites!

It's no wonder Eggology egg whites are popular with the stars. In this day and age, Hollywood actresses seem to be thinner, but toner, than ever before. What's their secret? We think it has to do with eating lean protein, lots of veggies and fewer carbs. And Eggology egg whites are a fabulous source of protein because they are the purest form of protein available allowing for ultimate muscle and body absorption with no fat and no cholesterol.

Recently we read on Celebrity Beauty Buzz that Eggology egg whites are one of Eva Mendes' favorite healthy snacks! Even Eva Mendes Eats Eggology Egg Whites. Say that ten times - preferably to ten of your friends!

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1 comment:

leaflover said...

i was at a grocery store in santa barbara in the egg section and before I could reach for anything, the guy at gelsons starts selling me and said that eggology egg whites lasted months longer than anything else because they were the freshest...something about how they got a certification award too...the guy there was totally selling me on their product, which I was going to buy ANYWAY but its good to know they have such a good reputation!