Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ask The Eggspert: How can I get the hotel I'm staying at to serve Eggology egg whites, not other brand egg-whats?!

Recently we had a post from an Eggology customer about hotels and egg whites. We thought this made an eggcellent "Ask the Eggspert" question:

Question: I am a disgruntled traveler at a Sofitel hotel who asked what brand the egg whites were and was told that the egg whites were eggbeaters, which is not what I buy at home. i can't believe that a high end hotel like this doesn't carry eggology. i am really careful about my diet and exercise and believe that you are what you eat...who can I contact at Eggology to see what hotels carry Eggology??

Answer: Great question. Most hotels (even the upscale ones) don't think their patrons care about the differences in quality food items. I recommend you voice your opinion to the head of dining or hotel manager.

For a list of hotels who use Eggology, please contact our Customer Service department either by phone at (888) NO-YOLKS or through email.

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