Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cake with Charles & Marie & Barbara Kaye

We have some new friends - Charles & Marie. Let us tell you a bit about them: Charles is the son of a British ambassador, fluent in seven languages, trustee of one of the world's leading museums and the list goes on. Marie, who is highly intelligent, wrote books as a teenager under pseudonyms (that were published), was one of Europe's hottest models, and met Charles at a private party in Venice. Together they travelled the world, and decided to share their experiences. Their website was born in 2005 and has evolved into what they call "The Quintessential Lifestyle Navigator". Their site offers unique products from designers around the globe, forums and blogs.

Recently, Simply Sensational carrot cake, made with Eggology egg whites, was featured in the "Epicurean Delights" section of their blog. The Epicurean section opens with a promise that the "food experience on Charles & Marie will be fresh, vital and high class".

It is no wonder that the Simply Sensational desserts were picked when you discover the history behind them. Barbara Kaye, long time friend of Eggology, spent years pioneering the ultimate carrot cake recipe. In addition to her amazing carrot cake, she makes equally delightful muffins with all-natural ingredients.

So here's to friends, old and new! Let's celebrate our friendships with some tea and cake (make that a carrot cake!).

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