Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Buff Dad" Mike Levinson's Eggology Egg White Recipe of the Day

To all the men out there - have you found that you've gained 'sympathy' weight during your wife's pregnancy? And then have you found that it's harder to take it off now that you are juggling work and a new addition to the family? Who has time to exercise with such a full plate (no pun intended!) and possibly lack of sleep too!

Mike Levinson, author of the book Buff Dad: The 4-week Fitness Game Plan for Real Guys, knows firsthand that this "dad fat" happens and he knows how to help you lose it - and in just four weeks! The beauty of his book is it just isn't another diet book filled with low-fat recipes. He provides exercise advice, motivation and diet tips to get you back in the program!

One of his dietary tips is to eat lean protein, such as Eggology egg whites. We asked the busy Buff Dad if he'd like to share his favorite ways to use egg whites and he was more than happy to divulge:

"One way I incorporate them in my diet plan includes on a daily basis - a cup eggology egg whites, two slices low fat cheese - scramble them and then add some medium spice salsa. It makes for a delicious and nutritious meal that is quite easy and fast. I eat this everyday along with two slices of toast for my breakfast. Also I use eggology in my recipes when I make my own version of banana bread or peanut butter muffins. I substitute whole eggs with eggology egg whites which makes the recipe a bit healthier.

After my morning workout, I eat my eggology egg whites for breakfast. At times I eat an egg white omelet for dinner or on the weekends- I cut up many different veggies like onion, broccoli, green peepers, mushrooms, and spinach. I sauté the veggies in water and then add eggology egg whites and low fat cheese for a yummy omelet. This is a really great breakfast because you are getting high quality protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and fiber."

For more information about the book, visit Mike Levinson's Buff Dads website. Visit Eggology's website to order online or find a store near you that carries Eggology.

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