Friday, June 13, 2008

Ask The Eggspert: This question is so great, we can hardly "contain" ourselves!

Question: Why are Eggology egg whites packaged in plastic jar containers? Why not use cartons, like other egg-substitute products?

Answer: Eggcellent question and there are many answers, all equally important! First of all, Eggology is simply not like those "other egg-substitute products" and it's not just our packaging that sets us apart.

When Eggology was created, the only egg-white product available came in a carton that contained chemicals, coloring, gums, preservatives, oh, and egg whites. Eggology's first goal was to create a product that was a pure egg white, safe for eating and drinking, with no artificial ingredients. And Eggology made the goal: the egg whites are fresh, organic, cage free, tested for salmonella & listeria, kosher, pasteurized and USDA approved.

The second goal was to make sure the product stayed like that. Not wanting to put such a pure product in one of those bacteria-prone cartons, Eggology developed easy-to-handle clear plastic jars that can be sterilized. No coincidence that these clear containers also show the purity of the product. You can see what you are buying!

Both the egg white and the container are designed to insure that you, the consumer, receives a top quality product! Eggology would have it no other way.

Find a store near you that carries Eggology products or order online!

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