Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! Eggology Featured in Los Angeles Business Journal

A long, long time ago, a little bird came to us and told us a big secret. The secret was that everyone is Twittering and to stay connected to our customers and fans, than we too must be Twittering. Twittering, we thought, what exactly is that? Sending messages ("tweets"!) out to our customers and fans ("followers") in 140 characters or less. Sounds challenging as we are usually wordy!

Nonetheless, we did create a Twitter account for Eggology and now have almost 600 followers. We have used Twitter to enlighten our audience about the latest Eggology egg white product, the hottest Eggology recipe, the coolest Eggology promotions and other fun things that we like and feel are valuable such as food safety issues or exercise/bodybuilding tips.

Interestingly enough, it seems that other companies are on board with Twitter and just recently the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABusinessJournal.com) did an article about the explosion of social media, such as Twitter, and how businesses are using it to get the word out to their customers. Having followed our Tweets on Twitter, the LA Business Journal called our own Brad Halpern, Chief Eggsecutive and Twitterer, to ask about his thoughts on Twittering and business. In more than 140 characters, Brad explained how he personally updates his company’s Twitter feed rather than delegating to an employee. This is what makes Twitter all that it is cracked up to be - we get to hear it straight from the heart of the source - in no more than 140 characters! Twitter-rific!

Don't miss out - follow Eggology on Twitter today (@Eggology)!

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