Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Looking for a Leaner Body? Advice for Beginners Looking for Weightloss

In southern California, where I am located, the motivation to stay lean and fit is present everywhere! All I have to do is look around. When I take my child to school or when I am at the beach or out to dinner, I just have to look around to stay motivated to keep up with my own fitness program because almost everyone looks great! We are a beach town with mild weather year round and mountains nearby with great hiking trails which encourages people to get out and exercise (even if it is as simple as a leisurely walk after dinner).

And, of course, even in this town, there are people who are less motivated - or who have fallen into a rut and cannot seem to pull themselves out of it. Well, I am here to offer help!

One of my favorite go-to sites for all things having to do with fitness is Bodybuilding.com. Bodybuilding.com states that their mission is: "To help our visitors reach their health, fitness and appearance goals through information, motivation and supplementation." Bodybuilding.com features over 25,000 pages of fitness information, has a community of over 230,000 members to support you and keep you motivated, and has a store with 8,500 products (and super fast shipping!). If you haven't been there - then you need to go!

Wait! Before you start surfing Bodybuilding.com's site, keep reading for tips on beginning your own weight loss program. This is from Bodybuilding.com's article Beginner's Fatloss Program!

A simple program that's easy to follow! Here is a synopsis of their tips:
  • Set your goal!

  • Find what motivates you.
  • Re-evaluate your nutrition program! I love that they suggest starting slow - not going straight to chicken breasts, Eggology egg whites and protein shakes. Keep track of your calories and become more aware of your caloric intake and the quality of food (read the ingredients!).

  • After about two weeks, educate yourself on carbs, dietary proteins and fats!

  • Research supplements. Do you take a multivitamin? Interested in protein powder or fish oil? Are these for you and how will the benefit your body?

  • Don't forget the part about working out! Full body workout three days per week plus another two to three days of cardio and strength training.

  • Don't let your cardio stagnate. After a few weeks look into intervals and more!

  • After about three months - Congratulations! You are on it! Now take your training to the next level!

Read the whole article here, including cool videos and two full body workout programs! Thanks Bodybuilding.com!

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