Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Enjoy Your Egg Whites to the Max!

I am a fan of the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars. There! I said it for all of you to read. Last night I was elated to see Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson snag first place! She was great and it's hard to imagine that she is not even a legal adult (at 17 years old). Hooray for her! Reflecting on her gymnastics career, the drive she must have in her is admirable. Gymnasts are lean and muscular all at the same time and can do multiple somersaults in the air just with a running start. Curious, even though I knew the answer before my Google results popped up, I googled "gymnast nutrition egg white" and saw that the answer confirmed what I knew already. Many gymnasts stick to a lean, high protein, low carb nutrition plan and multiple sites and forums all suggested eating egg whites for one or more meals per day.

Eggology egg whites provide a convenient, easy and fresh way to get your dose of liquid egg whites every day! Here are some tips for you to enjoy your Eggology egg whites to their maximum!

  • Shake well - Gravity pulls the heavier part of the egg white to the bottom, leaving the watery part on top which will result in a foam-like consistency so shake it baby! Shaking the bottle serves the same purpose as beating an egg. Shake the bottle, even if you plan to whip the egg whites. You will also notice that your omelets will be more fluffy by doing so.

  • Omelets - When making an omelet, coat the pan with either a non-stick spray or olive oil. Always preheat the pan prior to pouring the egg whites – they will cook better!

  • Drinking Raw - Eggology egg whites are completely safe to drink raw, as it has been salmonella tested. For best assimilation of protein, always shake the bottle first. If you plan to make a protein drink, then it is best to stir or blend the drink for best protein absorption.

  • Whipping - Shake the bottle prior to pouring contents. Allow the egg whites to come up almost to room temperature, then whip to your heart's content.

  • Easiest Egg White Sandwich Ever - Pour ¾ an inch high of Eggology egg whites into rounded Tupperware type container that is the size of a piece of bread. Set the container lid on top, leaving space for air (do not affix lid). Cook in microwave for 75 seconds. View the now hardened egg white patty, and cook more if still watery. The egg white patty will pop right out, but use a spatula if necessary. *For the size of a muffin, use a coffee cup (no lid is necessary).

How do you enjoy your Eggology egg whites? We are always looking for recipes to share so email us or comment below!

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