Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eggology Earth Day News: The Daily Green

Happy Earth Day weekend!

While Earth Day officially is on Wednesday, April 22nd, many communities choose to celebrate this weekend with Earth Day festivals! In addition to these festivals, check out these Earth Day Promotions brought to you by The Daily Green - from organic food coupons to carbon-neutral tee shirts to eggcellent egg puns!

Oh wait a minute - those eggcellent puns are from us! See Eggology's Earth Day promotion - submit your eco-friendly-deed and win a case of Eggology egg whites - featured in The Daily Green - a website dedicated to environmental issues and global warming. Find anything from green news, tips & advice, green homes to green cuisine on this informative green site.

It's site like The Daily Green that makes going green and staying green so easy! No excuses everyone! Love and nurture your planet!

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