Wednesday, April 15, 2009

“Buff Dad” Stays Fit and Eats Eggology Egg Whites

Mike Levinson, R.D., the author of “BUFF DAD: The 4-Week Fitness Game Plan for Real Guys” describes “Dad fat” as “the extra weight and responsibility of fatherhood converted into body mass. Also known as blubber; dreaded spare-tire gut. See also chubby hubby”. After Levinson became a father, he amassed “Dad fat” which inspired him to write the book “BUFF DAD” geared at helping dads lose their spare tire and, equally important, keeping it off.

Along with a do-at-home exercise program, Levinson, a Registered Dietitian, suggests setting a meal routine – including eating the same thing day after day. One of Levinson’s staples is egg whites and he uses Eggology fresh liquid egg whites because they are a pure source of protein.

Recently featured in a news clip on CBS night time news, Levinson was shown cooking his egg white omelet made with Eggology egg whites.

“As a dad and athlete myself, I can fully identify with Mike’s need to manage his weight, his job and his family. It’s a very precise balancing act that takes time to calibrate perfectly,” said Brad Halpern, founder of Eggology. “And Mike’s book is an incredible guide to helping dads jump start, or re-start, their exercise and diet routine which includes consumption of egg whites – because Eggology egg whites are a lean and natural source of protein with little calories, no fat and no cholesterol.”

Halpern saw the value of egg whites 15 years ago when he was a competitive athlete. Creating a product that was natural, convenient and easy – unlike other egg white products available at the time which contained additives such as chemicals, gums and coloring – Eggology – now the leader in the all-natural egg white industry - gained popularity among bodybuilders and athletes and has grown into other markets such as the hotel industry, restaurants, pastry chefs and households.

“Having Eggology promoted by Mike Levinson makes me feel very proud,” said Halpern. “Since Levinson - as an athlete, a nutritionist and a father - represents many of the people that Eggology egg whites are made for.”

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