Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eco-Friendly Reynold's Wrap!

The days are getting longer and the weather has been amazingly beautiful lately! This combination means that my family spends more and more time on the run and we need easy to transport snacks! One of my favorites is the Fruit and Oatmeal bar snack that we introduced to you last August. My family goes through these like there's no tomorrow!

In an effort to keep ahead of the demand, I have been making double batches and freezing a portion of the bars-they freeze really well! One of our readers had asked our Eggspert which items freeze the best-and this is a perfect candidate. All you need to do is wrap the uncut bars in plastic wrap AND foil and they will taste as fresh as if you made them that day! All the foil is good for protecting the bars, but not good for the environment!

As I was looking for new recipe ideas, I was eggsploring Mary Audet's blog, author of and Eggology Egg Whites endorser, and discovered the answer to my dilemma - 100% Recycled Foil from Reynold's Wrap! I was excited to find a way to have my bars on hand at all times AND be nice to Mother Earth! Mary says the recycled foil works just as well as the real stuff! If you want to find out how they make eco-friendly foil, read more on Mary's blog. Thanks for the tip, Mary!

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