Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oprah Learns How to Live Longer!

Oprah recently interviewed David Murdock, an 85 year old man that can do 50 push-ups without a break and has the blood pressure of a teenager. He says his secret to being healthy, never taking as much as an aspirin and avoiding the flu and even the common cold for the past 20 years is his diet! What's his secret? He eats tons of fruits and vegetables and never eats saturated fats.

For breakfast, he eats natural oatmeal with berries. Lunch consists of lots of veggies in an egg white omelet, such as Eggology's Spinach Egg White Omelet. Dinner includes more veggies, along with a nice piece of fish. He also drinks fruit and vegetable smoothies throughout the day. I agree with Oprah, the smoothie doesn't LOOK great, but I'm sure it is yummy-not to mention the health benefits of eating well!

I'm off to Costco to stock up on David's Diet Recommendations - if I can avoid the dreaded cold and flu, not to mention feeling great at 85, I think I can sacrifice the saturated fats! Happy Eating!

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