Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eggology's Eco-Team and Devotion to Sustainability

Eggology has some eggciting news! Eggology - the leader in 100% organic and cage-free egg whites with the "Certified Humane" distinction - is doing their part to save the environment!

Eggology is now using PET recycle #1, the nation's most recycled plastic, in all of it's product packaging and it is manufactured by PWP Industries who is an award-winning industry leader.

In addition to sustainable packaging, Eggology has created an Eco-Team, staffed by company executives and employees, to examine and improve upon all of Eggology practices related to the environment.

Founder and CEO Brad Halpern states "Our commitment to respecting the environment is as strong as our commitment to serving our customers".

We can certainly respect that!

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