Monday, September 15, 2008

Eggology in the News on!

Amy Dungan, our favorite healthy low-carb living guru, is going national! Not only does she run the most thorough and informative website on living a healthy low-carb lifestyle, but her food-savviness is now being featured in the Fitness & Weight Loss section of the - a nationally known newspaper that is now on the web!

Recently Amy featured a review of Eggology products on She featured the On-The-Go eggwhite cups and the hardboiled eggs. Eggology was praised not just for a good meal for "those of us who need something in a hurry" but also for the taste and texture and was touted as a "good fit for any diet". We wholeheartedly agree with Amy and thank her for spreading the message to the nation!

Read the entire article here.

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