Saturday, March 8, 2008

Eggology Interview with Personal Trainer Valerie Waters

Valerie Waters is one of Hollywood Hottest trainers, someone we really admire (a total health enthusiast and role model) and a lover of Eggology Egg whites! Valerie was kind enough to take time out of her busy training schedule to answer some questions for our readers....enjoy!

Q. How did you get into personal training?
I ran track in high school. One day the coach took us into the weight room and taught us how to lift weights. I was fourteen years old and remember that day like it was yesterday. From then on I was obsessed with working out and began a life long love affair with weight training. Eventually I got a job at a gym selling memberships which I was never very good at. Management convinced me to try training. The industry was just emerging at this time and this gym was one of the fist to actively promote it. Within a month of starting, I was booked solid eight hours a day and loved it! I knew then that I had found my calling. It is nearly 20 years later and I still love it!

Q. How did you discover Eggology products?
I originally saw it in the supplement section at Gold’s Gym. I bought it on the spot and have not turned back since. It is a well known fact that egg whites pack a nutritional punch. Now with Eggology, I can be assured of getting a good source of protein and because of the convenience I can save time in the kitchen.

Q. In what ways do you recommend Eggology to your clients?
Many of my clients don’t cook either because they think they don’t have time or they don’t know how. Scrambled egg whites using Eggology is one of the first things I teach because of the simplicity and the fact that I want my clients eating breakfast. Besides the fact that egg whites are a great source of protein, they are fast and easy.

Q. What is your philosophy on health and fitness?
I believe that exercise is a means to an end. You workout out in the gym (or home gym) because it is a very efficient way to build strength and endurance, but I want you to take that new level of fitness and get out and have some fun. For me that is surfing or hiking with friends. For you it may be something else. The bottom line: workout to look better but don’t make that your only goal. There is so much more available to you when you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Q. Do you have any athletic role models?
Lance Armstrong. I don’t even ride a bike but I am simply in awe of what this guy has accomplished athletically, personally and professionally.

Laird Hamilton. Here again, I can’t do any of the things Laird can do but I am inspired by his 100% commitment to living life to the fullest extent of his being. He helped bring new meaning to extreme surfing and he pioneered many sport innovations.

To me, these two men represent energy personified.

Q. What inspires you to stay so healthy and fit?
My job and my clients certainly, but more important is the quality of my life. I simply cannot imagine my life without exercise. It affects everything; my energy, my mood, my creativity, my skin, my body. I am truly grateful for my body even with its imperfections and minor aches and pains.

Q. If there is ONE piece of health advice you can give our readers, what would it be?
There is no magic pill. Being fit requires commitment and effort but please recognize there is joy in this. Being fit is not a two week diet or a new piece of exercise equipment (although these things may kick it off) it is making small but meaningful choices each day. Choosing to get up an hour earlier to workout instead of staying in bed, bringing a healthy lunch with you to work instead of going out for fast food, choosing water over soda, or choosing grilled chicken over chicken enchiladas. Each action builds on the other until you are living your life as a healthy fit person. At this point, there is a lot less struggle because these actions have become habits. There is no argument about whether to stay in bed or not, if it is workout day, you just put your feet on the floor. You don’t even consider skipping breakfast, you just have your go to foods for quick and easy breakfasts such as a yogurt or Eggology’s microwaveable single serving egg whites.

Q. Tell us about the Valslide! How you got the vision for this, etc.
The Valslide is without a doubt the most effective and most portable fitness product on the market. The Valslide will help you sculpt your body fast and effectively, no matter where you train. My clients (and I) are always traveling, whether it is for a movie shoot or for vacation. Often times people fall off track with their fitness program while they are away simply because they don’t have access to equipment. Now that my clients have the Valslide, they can get in a workout wherever they are. They just throw it in their purse or suitcase and it’s all they need to get in a great workout.

I was inspired to create the Valslide after being frustrated that my slide board took up so much room and I could not easily bring it with me to a client’s house. I had learned the value of the slide board exercises when I trained at a facility catering to professional athletes. One day, I was inspired to make something portable that could simulate slide board exercises and the Valslide was born! Check it out at

Valerie - THANK YOU so much for inspiring us, it was so much fun to interview you! Health is wealth, you embody that.
Stay tuned, we hope to post some of Valerie's great recipes on the blog too!!!

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