Monday, July 27, 2009

Protein - Timing is Everything!

Body builders know that protein equals muscle growth. While what you eat is very important, the timing of that is equally a factor in muscle growth. As we mentioned last week, you should consume 1 to 1.5 times your body weight in grams of protein. There is a great protein calculator on so you can easily calculate how much protein you should consume. Now that you know HOW MUCH you need, let's take a look at WHEN you should consume your protein.

To maximize muscle growth it is crucial that you eat first thing in the morning, since your body has been in a state of starvation. While you sleep, your body burns your muscle for energy since your glycogen store is low. It's also necessary to consume protein, such as Eggology Egg Whites, between regularly scheduled meals so that your muscles are constantly being fed.

Before a workout, you need to feed your muscles with a protein source and follow up your workout with more protein to repair your muscle cells from your strenuous workout. Don't forget to eat a slow acting protein prior to going to bed too! Muscles experience maximum growth at night, by eating casein proteins , such as an egg white scramble, you encourage them to grow!

Prepare your body for maximum muscle growth by consuming the right protein at the right time!

What is your favorite protein source? Share your favorite combinations!

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beach girl said...

egg whites plus spinach and hot sauce (like chalula or tabasco). my favorite way to consume protein!