Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eggology Egg Whites Are Part of Body Builder Ronnie Coleman’s Training Routine

Eggology egg whites are a lean, natural source of protein that Ronnie Coleman, eight time winner of “Mr. Olympia”, incorporates daily as part of his training routine.
Body builders know that building muscle is not just a matter of pumping iron at the gym. Nutrition also plays a crucial role in developing a winning physique. Eggology egg whites – the leader in the all-natural liquid egg white industry – have become an essential part of body builder Ronnie Coleman’s routine because they are a convenient, lean source of protein.

Ronnie Coleman, eight time winner of Mr. Olympia, was recently featured in an interview in speaking about his past 31 years of training and working his body to near physical perfection driven by his dream of achieving. Speaking candidly about his intense training, overcoming hurdles such as a severe back injury and how cleaning up his diet all contributed to enabling him to win the Olympia title.

Mr. Coleman cut out junk food, increased his proteins and lowered carbohydrates during his pre-contest phase. Eggology egg whites became part of his nutrition routine – he and his wife, a personal trainer, enjoy them every day as one of their lean, pure sources of protein.

Brad Halpern, founder of Eggology, agrees with Mr. Coleman’s nutrition choices wholeheartedly. “Eggology was originally founded by an athlete, for athletes. We knew the incredible value of egg whites as the only pure protein food available. In addition to that, we make sure, through USDA inspection, that Eggology liquid egg whites are safe to enjoy raw as many body builders like to drink them straight or add them to shakes.” As demonstrated by Mr. Coleman, a hard workout regimen is only part of the climb to physical perfection – the other part is what is in your nutrition regimen – and being smart about both of those is when you will hit your peak.

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