Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bodybuilders Change Up Their Workout, Why Not Change Up Your Food Too?

As a successful bodybuilder, you know that you cannot keep to the same weightlifting routine week after week. Your body is smart and knows how to adapt itself to your workouts. Therefore, if you have been doing the same weight lifting routine every day for the past 6 months, your body will not work harder to gain muscle, it has already adapted to your rigor of exercise.

In order to keep challenging yourself and to keep building muscle, you must change your work out every two weeks to keep your body "guessing." Not only is this physically effective for your bodybuilding goals, it also makes it more fun for you to work out every day!

While you do not need to constantly change up your food every two weeks to keep your body from "adapting to it", it is still a great idea to spice up your old ingredients to make new dishes! After all, a happy and exciting array of healthy food options can make a happy bodybuilder!

Eggology egg whites not only help rebuild muscles and provide bodybuilders with essential nutrients and protein, it is also healthy and delicious to eat in various dishes! Eggology offers several variations of healthy egg white products such as: Eggology On-The-Go, decadent all natural gourmet desserts, Eggology ice cream, and all natural hardboiled eggs.

So spice up your workout and spice up your diet too! Life is short, live it up! Be healthy, be ripped, and be happy!

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