Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pop-Up Cooking With Eggology

Were you glued to VH1 when their show Pop-Up Video was all the rage-letting you in on all the secrets of the rock stars, what went on during the filming of the video and other witty facts? We are seeing a resurgence of pop- ups on tv and online! Lost is updating their viewers every week with pop-ups to remind viewers of who did what-can you blame them, it's hard to keep track of five years of mystery. Other television shows are doing the same...they have found it adds to the viewing experience.

Eggology, being the super cool folks that we are thought we would help this new trend continue and are using pop-ups in our video of Italy's Best Broccoli Frittata Recipe.

Check out Amy and Jule's sharing entertaining and informational tidbits while demonstrating how to make a frittata with Eggology Egg Whites! It's easy, yummy and fun!

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