Monday, February 23, 2009

"Biggest Loser" Daniel Wright Eats Eggology!

The TV show Biggest Loser's biggest contestant ever - weighing in at 454 pounds and just 19 years old - eats Eggology egg whites!! We have seen bottles of Eggology here and there on the show and recently when Daniel was let go from the show, we saw him featured on Access Hollywood, talking about his diet and his intention to keep at it!

In the clip below, he loads up on fruits and veggies at his local grocery store, and before he does that, he places a jar of Eggology egg whites into his cart. Why egg whites? He mentions that he is sticking to eating 1,500 calories per day. For those of you who count calories, you know that this isn't a lot at all! A 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites - which scrambles up to a nice portion - is only 60 calories. With no cholesterol or fat to count, he can enjoy Eggology egg whites at every meal knowing he is getting lean, natural protein with a very small calorie count.

Daniel is a big inspiration to all of us and we wish him the best!

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