Monday, November 3, 2008

Eggs and The Election?

Everyone is probably telling you to get out and vote and we are no different, it is important to make that a priority tomorrow.

But, that is where we will take a different path! We want to tell you to EAT then VOTE!

As I sit here and plan out my day tomorrow, ensuring I allow time to get all the regular things in plus find time to get out to the elementary school (my polling location) and vote, I thought it was best to make a game plan. I made sure to stock up the fridge with my favorite speedy breakfast!

I'm sure my morning will go something like this: wake up to my son yelling for me to come get him out of his crib, followed by the dogs running circles around my legs anxious to get outside, which is always followed by their excitement for breakfast, which has to wait until after I am showered and dressed. I'll feed my son, then feed the dogs. During their meal time I am usually jetting around the house getting lunches made, gym clothes packed, bed made and all those other last minute necessities done! I know I won't have much time to eat before jetting out the door-and tomorrow will be especially challenging as I want to ensure I have time for the predicted long lines and long ballot! This is one morning I don't want to skip breakfast!

I know the one thing that will give me the much needed energy to make it through my hectic morning is a quick 95 seconds...the seconds that I'll wait for my eggceptionally quick but eggstremely filling breakfast of Eggology On-The-Go! Once I hear the buzzer, I'll be off and running!

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