Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eat Smart, Be Healthy: Thoughts from Eggology

"Your health is your wealth" my mother has said time and time again. Reading about home foreclosures and possibly an impending recession got me thinking about how true that statement really is. You have to be healthy to survive because it's hard to hold down a full time job if you are sick. Which reminds me of the old adage "you are what you eat". More and more evidence is surfacing to support that statement. And one way to ward off everyday colds, the flu, and even more serious illnesses is to eat healthy. Skip the fast foods. Concentrate on veggies, green tea, lean protein. Eggology egg whites are a great source of lean protein - they have nothing added, no cholesterol, no fat - in addition, they keep for months in your fridge in the sterilized container. In these times of economic downturn, make a wise investment - in your health. Choose good foods. And don't forget to put Eggology egg whites at the top of your list!

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