Friday, February 15, 2008

Buff Dad - Great Book to Check Out

We are all about health and fitness at Eggology and we are really digging the book Buff Dad by Mike Levinson, R.D.

Mike is a nutritionist and trainer to many star athletes, including Charles Oakley and JT Snow. Mike's most eggcellent role is that of dad. (The same dad who put on 50 pounds when his wife had their first child!)

The Buff Dad book offers solutions to the the latest research that shows that men put on“sympathy pounds” and continue to gain weight when each child comes along.

The book is packed with meal plans, an illustrated workout guide, guy-friendly recipes, and shopping lists, the book shows real men everywhere how to lose the “dad fat” and become buff dads for good.

Had to share! You can buy the book on Mike Levinson's website or randomally buy it for any un-buff dads who owe it to their kids to be fit and healthy! :)

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