Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ernestine Shepherd is Eggstraordinary!

Eggology loves to hear from customers! Especially those that are so inspiring that we feel compelled share their story with the world.

Recently we received a letter from Ernestine Shepherd - long time user of Eggology egg whites. She first heard about our product in 2002, where she was introduced to Eggology by Brad Halpern, chief eggsecutive, at a trade show. Explaining the benefits of egg whites and the quality of Eggology products had her hooked! She has been ordering them for the last 7 years - incorporating Eggology egg whites into her diet by drinking them three times per day. About Eggology she says, "I swear by your liquid egg whites..." and notes that her shipments have always been "on time and in good condition".

What makes her story so unique and amazing? Ernestine is a personal trainer in Baltimore. She participated in her first body building competition last year. Upon further research, we noted that she also likes to do 5Ks, 10Ks and marathons and teaches fitness classes. We realize this sounds typical, until we reveal this about Ernestine - she is 72 years old! Take a look at her picture below and give yourself a few minutes of silence to revel in awe!

Awesome! Amazing! Inspirational! I'm off the the gym now . . .

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Sandi Buchanan said...

This is awesome! Thanks for posting and thank you Ernestine for going to the extra work to take care of yourself and INSPIRE people like me!!!