Monday, May 12, 2008

Does a 4-Hour Work Week Sound Eggsilarating? If so, read on ...

As I look around, I am beginning to wonder when we became such a time-crunched nation? People multi-tasking everywhere ... everywhere ... I drive up my street and people are on their evening stroll, on the phone. I see people texting, emailing, talking, everywhere - in traffic, at the hairstylist, in the stores, at their kids soccer games.

Although it is great to always be "connected" (especially when you have teenage kids) I am beginning to think that being so "available" isn't great in other ways. It seems that what comes with this availability, for some people, is the feeling of obligation to their job 24 hours a day. Checking their work email and messages at night, before breakfast, all day long! I am striving, on the other hand, to lead a life opposite of this. And in doing my research, I discovered the book The 4-Hour Workweek. As I read it, I am picking up ideas on managing my time effectively, so that I can still earn a living, but I can also travel, enjoy my son's soccer games, hike up a mountain, kayak on the ocean - all without feeling tied to my blackberry. Wow, I'm already feeling less stressed! Check out the author Timothy Ferriss's site - it overviews the book, but also has a great blog that keeps you updated on what he's doing with the other 164 hours of free time he has per week!

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